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Gondola shelving, what it is and its advantages.

Many different types of shelving are used in residential, commercial and industrial contexts. None has quite as unique a name as gondola shelving – or as unusual an appearance. To get a clear idea of what gondola shelving is, you need do nothing more than picture the interior of your local supermarket. Gondola shelving is what your groceries are stacked on – it’s a type of shelving that, while central to the efficient functioning of a shop, is one we take for granted. We barely notice it behind the chocolates, long-life milk and canned goods. Mostly double-sided, the freestanding merchandise display shelving generally comes in 1.5m and 1.8m height options and is often lined up to create the long aisles of shelves that characterize a supermarket or supply store. When several gondola shelving units are lined up in a row, it is sometimes referred to as a run. Single-sided units are also available, and these are sometimes placed perpendicular to the rows at the ends. When used as a standalone fixture, gondola shelving tends to function as a feature display in a store, drawing customers’ attention to the items it holds. Infact, it plays a vital role in displaying your items in capturing your customers’ attention and luring them to make that purchase decision. Typical two-sided gondola shelving, whether set up in rows or as a standalone unit, is best suited for use in the center of a store, with fridges, single-sided gondola shelving units, or other types of shelving used around the walls. Gondola shelving tends to be found in various shades of white, beige or grey, though bolder colors like red and black are also sometimes seen. Gondola shelving is sturdy, usually manufactured from heavy-duty steel. This makes it reliable as a display tool, as it is unlikely to break or collapse, even under substantial loads. It is as useful for stacking weighty bags of charcoal as it is airy packets of potato crisps. Here are four advantages of gondola shelving for your supermarket:

  1. Gondola Shelving is easy for you to assemble and disassemble

Any individual can effortlessly install gondola shelving without the need of experts, although you do have the alternative of hiring someone to install it seems more complex.

  1. You can enjoy versatility with Gondola shelving

With gondola shelving, you can modify your shelves to various heights, depths or shelf numbers to improve the display of your products or goods; this, in turn, is highly beneficial for business owners as it helps maximize exposure for sales. You can even put your shelving at an angle to prevent products from falling over. Since it is easy to assemble, you can easily change your display regularly to your convenience.

  1. You can save Money

Surely what every business owner and homeowner want to hear is how can they save money. With gondola shelving, you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits. Store owners can save money by using second-hand gondola shelving.

  1. Increase profits strategically

For store owners, gondola shelving provides the flexibility to arrange expensive goods at the most prominent height regardless of the level they placed the items.            Therefore, it makes your products easier to locate, compare and choose. For more information regarding gondola shelving do not hesitate to get in contact with the Shelving and Racking company. +27 11 864 1129 [email protected]

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