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Racking Products

Pallet Racking & Container Shelving Solutions

Durable metal racking uniquely designed for pallets holding goods of up to 3 Tons.

Most warehouses and factories require high volume storage solutions that offer robust support for heavy duty pallets. Industrial or retail companies with large storage requirements need to constantly optimise their available space. Having a long-term, compact storage solution is paramount in ensuring productivity.

Pallet Racking specifications include:

  • Durable metal design withstands heavy weights of up to 3 tons per level / shelf
  • Quality metal racking design provides for easy loading and offloading of pallets for your forklifts
  • Floor planning advisers ensure optimal manoeuvrability to access your cargo
  • Ideally suited to bulk sale warehouses, factories, furniture retailers, motor vehicle manufacturing plants, and car part or car tyre fitters.

Whether you want a new or previously used system, you are assured of value and service excellence to support your business and store your goods as well as move your goods.

Prefer new racking?

Previously used pallet racks can be just as durable as new shelving, however it is far cheaper. However should you prefer new pallet racking, we are able to supply these to you at the most affordable prices from reputable shelving companies in South Africa, while ensuring that you receive the most suitable solution for your unique requirements.

Interested in selling your used industrial shelves?

We buy, refurbish and sell previously used factory and warehouse racks. Please contact us for more information.

Steel Racking

We supply light and heavy duty as well as bolt on shelving made out of steel for sustainable storage.

Steel racks are ideal for industries such as:

  • Garage storage, home and corporate offices for storing goods of up to 60kgs
  • Retail shopping for storing light duty to maximum weight of 250kgs
  • Warehouses and Industries for heavy bulk storage of up to 3 tons

By choosing steel racks you are awarded the opportunity to:

  • Effortlessly move and install racking for your convenience
  • Customise your order according to your specific storage needs
  • Save on used racks
  • Guaranteed quality racks which are sturdy and dependable for new racks
  • Carry large quantities of goods per duty restrictions (bolt on shelve, light and heavy)

Our dedication to delivering excellent services is evident in how we have consistent and flexible delivery turnaround. Our efforts are to ensure that you have a piece of mind knowing you will receive quality product with ethical help from one of our highly skilled employees.

Warehouse Racking & Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Solutions

Prefer new shelving?

When it comes to heavy duty racking and shelving it is imperative that you consult with a professional shelving company to assist you in your storage planning. Second-hand shelving provides an affordable solution for large volume racking requirements. Should you prefer new racking in your factory or warehouse, our shelving experts can assists in supplying the most durable, high-quality shelves.

Interested in selling your used industrial shelves?

We buy, refurbish and sell previously used factory and warehouse racks. Please contact us for more information.

Durable heavy duty racking solutions for warehouses, factories and industrial companies.

Our warehouse and industrial racking solutions are carefully designed to meet the heavy duty storage requirements of large warehouses. Industrial shelving requires a more durable and stable structure than ordinary shelving, and demands the expertise of a shelving / Rackning specialist to carefully plan and customise a suitable racking solution according to very particular storage requirements.

Industrial racking specifications include:

  • Storage load: Bulk loads of up to 3 tons per level / shelf
  • Ease of Installation: Expert advice recommended for floor and storage planning
  • Durability: Heavy duty shelving provides higher durability
  • Length, Height and Depth: Customised to client’s specifications

Every warehouse has varied requirements ranging from the number of frames, beams or decks required to accommodate their large-scale carrying capacities. Our team of experts will provide a customised solution to meet each client’s unique racking requirements.

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