Durable metal racking uniquely designed for pallets holding goods of up to 3 Tons.

  • Industrial Storage Racking Durable metal design withstands heavy weights of up to 3 tons per level / shelf
  • Industrial Storage Racking Quality metal racking design provides for easy loading and offloading of pallets for your forklifts
  • Industrial Storage Racking Floor planning advisers ensure optimal manoeuvrability to access your cargo


We supply light and heavy duty as well as bolt on shelving made out of steel for sustainable storage.

  • Industrial Storage Racking Effortlessly move and install racking for your convenience
  • Industrial Storage Racking Customise your order according to your specific storage needs
  • Industrial Storage Racking Guaranteed quality racks which are sturdy and dependable for new racks



When it comes to heavy duty racking and shelving it is imperative that you consult with a professional shelving company to assist you in your storage planning. Second-hand shelving provides an affordable solution for large volume racking requirements. Should you prefer new racking in your factory or warehouse, our shelving experts can assists in supplying the most durable, high-quality shelves.

  • Industrial Storage Racking Storage load: Bulk loads of up to 3 tons per level / shelf
  • Industrial Storage Racking Ease of Installation: Expert advice recommended for floor and storage planning
  • Industrial Storage Racking Durability: Heavy duty shelving provides higher durability
  • Industrial Storage Racking Length, Height and Depth: Customised to client’s specifications