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Advantages of using bolt-on shelving systems to increase office space

Sufficient working space in and around the office is one of the leading factors in staff productivity. Enough space in and around the office allows staff to think clearer and do more. Cluttered spaces or desks tempers a lot with productivity, creativity and growth. In addition to this it also causes stress inherently because you don’t even know how to approach clearing your space. Cluttered spaces slow you down, because you have to spend more time on finding things instead of doing actual work.  Keeping your workspace clutter free is therefore essential for productivity and mental health. It also makes things much easier in terms of keeping files and other important documents safe and easily accessible.   Decluttering your office space should not be rocket science, it is as easy as installing a bolt-on shelving system. The shelving system would of course differ from office to office, in terms of how many shelves would be needed and the height as well as the width of the shelving system. Some offices have many departments and would inevitably require more shelves than smaller offices with less departments. These shelves could be portable as well as bolt-on. Installing a shelving system in your office is very beneficial for your growth. Some of these benefits include:

  • Creates an uncluttered office space- Organized office spaces create a much calmer space where there are no files and documents laying around. This enables staff to concentrate more and become more productive and creative in executing their daily delegated tasks.
  • Improves operational efficiency- Having office storage solutions such as shelving systems creates an environment where tasks can be completed easily and efficiently. These systems enable for filing and accessing documents to be a hassle-free process that would not take up too much time.
  • Free up more floor space- Often a lot the floor space in some offices gets used. to store boxes, documents and files on the floor. This tempers with walking space. When shelving systems are installed then more floor space is freed, making it a more comfortable space for staff.
  • Improves the overall look and feel of your office- The look and feel of your office is very important, especially if it’s the kind where clients pitch up for meetings or potential employees come for interviews. Aesthetics plays an important role in the overall flow of your office. Having a shelving system in place proves just that, and aesthetically pleasing space.
  • Reduces office injury- There is a very high possibility that a staff member can get injured when they trip and fall over boxes on the floor or slips and falls because of papers and files in the way. The installation of a shelving system reduces this risk of injury, for there will be nothing left in th walking way on the floor.

For more information on how to keep your office more organized and to start enjoying the benefits explained above, do not hesitate to get in contact with Shelving and Racking company. +27 11 864 1129  [email protected]

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